Sunday, February 22, 2009

Another Sunday

And another defeat, but a different mood leaving the ground. After a promising spell Swinton gave Leigh a 26-4 half-time lead through some extravagant errors and I feared the worst. The second half was another matter with a great Swinton comeback against the higher division team, eventually losing by 26 points to 34. Not a bad way to while away a cold February afternoon. Not bad at all.

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Taylorakis said...

Sounds a decent game. What did you reckon to the Leigh side? And I hope you manage to get to a game at Leigh's new ground and give your observations on the move from Hilton Park. By and large I miss the old grounds. Indeed I've never got over Wigan's move from Central Park and miss the atmosphere created in that creaking shrine to the Greatest Game. In doing so I must confess to a heinous sin. I follow both Leigh and Wigan, which is perceived as an act of treachery on both sides. However I was born in Tyldesley on the Leigh side of what became Metropolitan Wigan, went to Leigh Grammar School, was taught by Bev Risman, who later played for Leeds, not to mention my dad played a couple of games at hooker for Leigh's 'A' team, but at the same time my wife is a fervent Wigan supporter and I taught and did youth work in all the villages and towns of the area. Hence I've never been able to enter into the local tribal rivalries, the 'lobby-gobblers' of Leigh agin the 'pie-eaters' of Wigan - so I've supported both with great pleasure, save the awkward moments when they played one another. Any road that's my rationalisation for being a two-timing bugger!