Friday, February 20, 2009

Cherished liberties

Here's something of substance for the Convention on Modern Liberty to get their teeth into. Pies. Pies with restrictions on the amount of pastry to meet government guidelines on 'healthy eating'.
Thousands of public sector workers, hospital visitors and leisure centre users face having to eat pies that are missing half the pastry and having to ask specifically for the salt because of a healthy eating initiative being drawn up by the government.
There is only one solution, liberate yourself from the tentacles of the state and bake your own. And if you want to be a real subversive, a revolutionary even, eat them with obvious pleasure in front of the poor sods who have to munch through flavourless, lightweight 'gold standard' crud.

Pass the salt and free the world.


Tamburlaine the Great said...

But for the fact that your information is usually reliable, I would have to say I don't BELIEVE this! Can someone tell us please what business this is of the government's? By all means insist on honest information on what's in our food, but then you've got to leave it to us.

Insofar as the gov't has a dog in this fight at all, it's to encourage public sector pensioners like myself to clog our arteries and nuke our livers to our heart's content. As for the costs of our NHS treatment, do they really want me to live to 95 with Alzheimer's?

Brigada Flores Magon said...

They haven't prevented the World Clootie Dumpling Championship taking place in Avonbridge this Sunday, for which we can be profoundly thankful [and that includes the thrapple-threatening silver threepennies concealed in the fruit and suet melange]. Deep-fried Mars Bars have nothing on clootie!

Anonymous said...

We'll be getting some of Delia Smith's "No Pork" pies in solidarity this weekend. Nice with a bit of French mustard.They probably have as much genuine meat content as the ones you none veggies eat. Did I hear someone say "Mmmmm Hog's anus" ?

Will said...

I miss the spicy beanburgers from Wimpy. I think that Burger King do a version but there isn't one anywhere near where I live.

(Fact: Burger King in the UAE -- it is called the Bean Royal.)

PS. Linda McCartney vegetarian sausages were okay I seem to remember. Do they still sell them? Haven't looked for ages.

Anonymous said...

The Linda McCartney veg sausages are, according to kaffovswinton, still available.
Don't know about Wimpy/Burger King. But I believe that chez McDonald's you can get a veggie burger. And a veggie delight at Subways. F dats ur fing, as the young folk might say on an sms.

We make our own sausages and burgers etc using "Sosmix". The rissoles you can do with that taste just like the allgedly meat ones I had as a nipper. Hog's anus, anyone?

Had a clootie dumpling many years ago - in Brighton strangely enough - before we'd left the dark side. Brigadier - are they Vegan acceptable?

Shuggy said...

Did I hear someone say "Mmmmm Hog's anus" ?

Hog's anus is a perfectly good source of protein but easily avoidable for the fussy carnivore as there are lots of other splendid dead animal in pastry products to choose from.

Tofu, on the other hand, is the cock-cheese of the devil. And vegetarianism is complete and utter madness.

Anonymous said...

OK Shuggy, back off to the playground.

Now, can I eat clootie dumplings or not?

Will said...

Goat's milk cheese is the deposit that accumulates under the devil's foreskin. A bit like.