Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rights and Liberties

I was looking through the Convention on Modern Liberty's web site. It highlights a range of issues, surveillance, data protection, free speech, legal rights, etc., all important certainly, though I wonder if they constitute quite the profound threat portrayed. There is one thing missing however, probably the biggest attack on rights in recent times. A Bill going through Parliament at the moment will take away many of the economic rights of the poor.

Further, the imposition of a regime of conditionality on our benefits systems allows a systematic invasion of privacy by the state under threat of sanction. So egregious are the changes that they have actually led to Madeleine Bunting writing an excellent article. So where are the civil libertarians? I can't see them.

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Will said...

"So where are the civil libertarians? I can't see them."

That's because they aren't 'libertarians' of any such description. I know you know but it needs stating for the thick fuckers anyway.

Damien Green (A tory criminal) is one of the thick fuckers involved in the whole charade and posh cunt's festival. Says it all really.

Utter scum.