Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bad language

According to Peter Mandelson students are now "consumers of the higher education experience".

I despair.


Anton Deque said...

Now you know?

I was at a session years ago where some over promoted VC came (in a golf jacket!) to explain to a group of academics how the "old" model was 'Academic and students'. Today, according to this golf club president, it was 'Corporate and units'.

But the really jaw dropping moment came when Arnold Palmer-lite sketched out his 'vision' of higher education.

'Our (sic) model is Marks and Spenser. When people go into M&S to buy a sandwich they know and expect quality. A well balanced set of ingredients, properly described and attractively presented at a fair price representing good value.'

The silence following this declaration of belief, was as they say, absolute. I will never forget his smiling face.

Someone I knew at an FE college had a similar experience speaking to a senior administrator.

"J–, when I see students I see the pound sign."

The Plump said...

It's odd, when I look at a M&S sandwich I think, 'what pretentious, over-priced shite'. So maybe he had a point.

Will said...

Greggs are opening loads more shops.