Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Hard times

Sometimes it is the way articles are juxtaposed that brings home the injustices of this world. Yesterday, there was this - Emin threatens to quit Britain over tax - another piece of celebrity whining. There you are, famous, successful and wildly rich and what do you do? Count your blessings? Be thankful that you live in a country that gave you the opportunity? No. You moan, grumble, wallow in self pity and feel hard done to.
"This Labour government has had no understanding for the arts," she told the Sunday Times. "At least in France their politicians have always understood the importance of culture and they have traditionally helped out artists with subsidy and some tax advantages."
Bloody hell, she is hardly starving in a garret is she? A few million tucked away and she wants a subsidy and a tax break?

There has been loads of comment on her in the press, little of it sympathetic to her plight, and I wouldn't have posted on the article if this piece had not been sitting next to it.
Benefit support for asylum seekers is to be cut from tomorrow to £5 a day – just over half of what the government says a person needs to live on, according to refugee welfare agencies.

The change means the weekly rate for a single asylum seeker over 25 who is destitute and asks for support will be reduced from £42.16 to £35.13 a week.
Do I need to say more?


Shuggy said...

Count your blessings?

Heh. Thing is, I'm not one of those who rubbishes all modern art; it's just that she's a modern artist who happens to be rubbish. So she certainly should count her blessings. Apart from anything else, I think she might be over-rating her appeal elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Generally, and sadly, its the ones who make a lot of noise about leaving who never ever do.

(As lord of the Philestines can I smugly suggest that Emin is Contempory and not modern art?)


Anonymous said...

Simple; let her pay as little tax as she wants, but she may not use the NHS, even if riddled with cancer, she may not travel on the public highway or walk on the pavement, and none of the emergency services will answer her anguished cries for help whilst she sizzles, suffers a heart attack or is gang banged by the newly cool members of the Supreme Court.

Will said...

I have no opinion to proffer on Emin -- other than in a general sense (and even that isn't original) regarding all of that type of fucking scum -- and that is... please hurry up and fuck the fuck off you ignorant slime -- and don't slam the door on the way out you pieces of vile shitness.

gallery of fucking cunTs heer BTW


LEWIS HAMILTON: Mark Webber manages to survive okay in Britain and Hamilton is a proven liar and only wins when his car wins for him.

JIM DAVIDSON: Comment would dignify this piece of shit's existence. Shood be murdered in its bed (fuck - coodn't resist that comment).


FRANK BRUNO: MORON and potential rapist (once threatened an ex-girlfriend of mine in a nightclub).

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Graeme said...

So just how is somebody supposed to survive on £10/day even?

Unknown said...

Is it too early yet to threaten to leave when the Tories get in?

DorsetDipper said...

I'm waiting for the list of people threatening to come back if the Tories get elected. Or have the Tories told them to keep quiet?

Will said...


watch and listen.

Will said...




Anton Deque said...

I do not mind her, do not much care for her work, but independently of all that, I ask myself is it a credible statement? I think not.

There are even now (perhaps I should write 'particularly now') ways in which the wealthy can squirrell away their earnings from the tax man, ways not open to the wage earning majority whose taxes are taken before they see the cash.

Emin has been useful to a media that wanted her, the public school boy art critics bit of culture rough.

Will said...