Friday, October 02, 2009

Sunny days

This seems a perfectly reasonable thing to do to The Sun.

The Labour Party has come over all peevish because Rupert Murdoch's tabloid has decided it isn't going to support Labour any more.

Perhaps a better question to ask is why an ideologically committed right-wing newspaper that worshipped Margaret Thatcher, and which comes from the same stable that gave Fox News to the USA, should find it so comfortable to support the Labour Party in the first place? Shouldn't Labour people should be more troubled by the Sun's backing than its opposition?

Meanwhile, Tories gather round the piano:


mikeovswinton said...

The Sun backed Labour because they thought there was something in it for them. And now they are going with Dave for the same reason. The interesting thing is that the Murdoch family have recently set out a number of policy lines that make clear their wishes for the coming few years. The Conservatives are rather less forthcoming, but it will be interesting to see if there is any convergence between the two parties. Perhaps things will get interesting on some issues after the Irish referendum? The other thought that crossed my mind was whether any of the Murdoch clan might be the sort of ordinary people Dave wants to get into parliament? If any of them have British passports. (Not a saractic dig - I don't know if Rupert's kids do or don't. He's an American these days.)

Anton Deque said...

Do readers of the Sun vote?