Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Paradise news

The Independent once saw it as a place for artists. I associate it more with large, cheap meals in a taverna run by Stalin's double. Whatever, Lafkos is a seriously nice village. It has a lovely square and stunning views across the Pagasitic Gulf. It can be reached from my house by a moderately strenuous walk, for a plump chap, up a scenic donkey track.* Amazingly for such a small place, it also has museums.

The most celebrated is the gallery devoted to the work of the artist Thanasis Fampas, a native of the village. Now an email has alerted me to the latest addition to Lafkos' cultural endowment. A new museum of antique radios was inaugurated on Sunday.

At times like this, I wish I was there.

*There is a bus up that hill too - don't want readers to get carried away with the idea of me as athletic.

Thanks to Aphroula for the photo and info.

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