Thursday, October 30, 2008

Really important news

With Britain seized by the shock of two inane celebrities behaving like inane celebrities, to the faux, and often self-interested, horror of the press,* it is time to concentrate on more weighty matters.
Vietnam's Health Ministry suspended a widely ridiculed plan to ban short, thin and small-chested drivers.

The ministry had recommended that people whose chests measure less than 28 inches be prohibited from driving motorbikes — as well as those who are too short (less than 4 -foot-8) or too thin (less than 88 pounds).

That's more like it.


*Mind you, if there was an uproar about the abuse of public service broadcasting and the waste of public money by employing Melanie Phillips on The Moral Maze I might join in.

Thanks to a bored Kev


Anonymous said...

also have on that Radio shite Kenan Malik and Claire Fox -- fucking Spiked douchebags.

SP said...

With me and Will (+ you obviously) making this complaint we clearly have better than the necessary launchpad to get her to resign.

Shit we don't have a mate in the editorial team at a major tory tabloid - do we. Sorry didn't really think that through did I.


Anonymous said...

Pragmatic realism says that we should support the Mail cos Brand isn't funny.

I would rather kill all those who work for the Daily Heil and spit on their graves.

The Plump said...

Mary Whitehouse would be loving it.

DorsetDipper said...

What has upset the public is not their behaviour but the fact we are paying millions of pound for it.